Our History

  • Eruslu Company was established southeast side of Turkey in 1972 since then it has been engaged in production of textile in different areas and it continues to grow up rapidly with the new investment. With the direction of new developments of the world, company decided to make new investment on production of BCF carpet yarn and establised Eruslu Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. in 1994 (monthly 1500 tons capacity). As a result of the globalization of the world Eruslu Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. has invested in machine made carpet manufacturing in 2003 by Emirhan Carpet brand name (monthly 600.000 sqm capacity).
  • New technologies and market needs continuously followed closely Eruslu Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. has invested in the production of spunlace nonwoven with ENG (Eruslu Nonwoven Group) brand name in 2010. This is thanks to a new investment Eruslu Nonwoven Group aims to manufacture for the wipes market, medical and industrial applications. Thus,Eruslu Nonwoven Group offers spunlace nonwoven fabrics which has primarily been used for personal care,hygiene, femmine hygiene and one way cleaning materials etc …
  • With monthly 3500 tons capacity (4 lines - open area is 350.000 sqm , closed area is 150.000 sqm ; company works 3 shifts / 7 days / 24 hours ; total employee is 225), wide variety of product line Eruslu Nonwoven Group offers creativity and innovation with customer focused intelligence and came into prominence from the competition of the market with its newest technology which allows “ highest dense and thickness at less GSM”
  • Since establishment policy of company "quality products + good services = customer satisfaction" never changed and with this mantality our principle is to serve the best service for our valuable customers.

Features of Our Products

Personal Care – Baby, feminine hygiene, hand cleaning and moist toilet wipes.

Cosmetic and Facial – Makeup removal, skin cleansing, exfoliating, nail polish removing and self-tan wipes.

Car Care – Dashboard, leather cleaning, carpet and seats, tar and spot removal and glass cleaning wipes.

Household – Antibacterial, kitchen, bathroom, floor, glass, furniture, polishing, metal, wood, carpet/fabric cleaning and pet wipes.

Nonwovens offer a performance alternative to traditional woven textiles with a lower cost base allowing for single use disposable products which lessen the risk of contamination. They are particularly suited to wound care both implantable and non-implantable, ostomy and cannula dressings, plasters and medical tapes. Material construction and fibre types can be individually designed to suit specific wound management criteria. Fibre polymers both synthetic and natural allow the fine tuning of absorbency and capillary action. Mechanical properties such as tensile strength and elongation can be adjusted as required.

For use in toilets, washrooms and theatre / operating packs. Our super-absorbent products ensure that hands are dried quickly and thoroughly, which is an important factor in hand hygiene. Studies have shown that hand towels are an effective alternative to hot air driers and help reduce the amount of airborne cross contamination. Our quick drying products will help ensure that the least amount of towels are used.

Providing a broad range of materials for wet and dry patient wipes used in hospitals, nursing homes and the wider healthcare industry. With the welfare of the patient in mind our range has a focus on patient comfort and performance with soft and absorbent materials. In a market that often has very tight budgetary constraints we are constantly striving to ensure our products are class leaders for best cost in use. The weight, fibre blend, absorbency, cleaning, softness of our materials can all be adjusted to suit.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are an essential part of modern day life, having evolved from baby care products there is now a wipe for almost any application. Nonwovens are perfectly suited to the nature of a wet wipe as they retain a cloth like feel, but at much lower weights to traditional textiles.

Wipes made from nonwoven fabrics are cost effective as a single-use product and suitable for packaging in canisters, flow packs and sachets. The product areas are almost limit-less, but below are some of the end uses that our wipes materials are supplied for.

Dry Wipes

For general wiping activities used by both professional and retail consumers when cleaning with or without chemical agents and solutions including solvents. Ranging from lighter weight single use materials for the industrial, engineering and medical industries or at home in the garage to heavier weight materials for repeated use in household and professional cleaning applications.

Nonwovens that are strong enough to withstand repeated use over several shifts or days, which can also be washed and reused. Materials are available with high absorbent capacity with the bulk and handle of a traditional woven cloth that are a performance alternative to wipers and rags.

Hand Towels

Perfect for use in bathrooms, washrooms, spas and gyms our selection of superabsorbent products ensure that hands are dried quickly and thoroughly, which is an important factor in hand hygiene. All of our materials are super quick drying to help ensure that the least amount of towels are used reducing costs and providing a more eco-friendly option.

We can also offer lightweight compact materials that will that help limit the amount of dispenser refills and lessen the likelihood of your guests being without a towel.